City Stardust

On our last day in Las Vegas, Dean and I took a tour of the Neon Museum– an outdoor ‘boneyard’ of elaborate neon signs. The tour was phenomenal. We loved hearing stories about the city’s flashy past and almost every sign had a good story to go with it: Sinatra riding a camel up to the Dunes, the Moulin Rouge being the first integrated casino/hotel, the La Concha lobby being sliced up like a layer cake and moved over piece by piece. Even in disrepair, these signs are knockouts. Giant, swoon-worthy, fantasy lights. :)

Here’s Dean, horsing around

Sassy Sally’s (only the sass fit in frame)

Happy, dance-y shirt. Hi, hi!

The biggest Tam o’Shanter imaginable. This hotel was still kickin’ until the early 2000s. I wish it was still going!

A duckling maze of lights and the Yucca’s impossibly twisty tubing.

The Moulin Rouge sign, sweetly arranged to spell ‘In Love’ (I wish there were a mini, home version!)

Posin’ under a lucky horseshoe.

The Silver Slipper, restored to its former glory!

Afterwards, we walked down to Fremont Street to see some of the restored signs. They were beautiful under the sunshine but I’m sorry we couldn’t have stayed later to see them lit up.

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