365, weeks 8 and 9

I blew off 365 photos toward the end of February. Dean and I got back from a killer weekend in Vegas and there was too much happenin’ in Seattle when we got back. Turns out, I’m deeply stupid about r&r and only slept about five collective hours this week (I was so excited about seeing Method Man, then Lloyd Kaufman, then Lust songs- I could not will myself to nap when given the chance). I am a fool. Catching some zzz’s this weekend and getting back on track for March.

February 18: James’s beet murder hands

February 19: Dean watching soccer matches (his laptop is on a tray off to the side of the sofa)

February 20: pre-open at the market, a nippy morning

February 21: blue trees in the rain. These first popped up last spring.

February 22: flying into Nevada

February 23: my husband loungin’ after a game of Kiss-themed mini golf

February 24: one of the less exotic birds at the Flamingo :)

February 25: self portrait in the Neon boneyard

February 26: fuzzy phone snap of the M-E-T-H-O-D Man

February 27: I completely missed the last day of February and the first of March so here are a couple photos from Wednesday. Meeting the legendary Lloyd Kaufman with Kristy at Scarecrow Video- what a charmer!

Afterwards, we saw the Bushwick Book Club’s songs inspired by Ellen Forney’s Lust. This naughty backdrop is now the wallpaper for my phone.

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