End of a Century

My Grandma Griffin passed away at the beginning of the week. We knew this was coming but, of course, I still wasn’t ready and I’m crushed. She taught me how to quilt, how to garden, and the fundamentals of socialism. She always tried to engage me in political debate even though I usually agreed with […]

City Stardust

On our last day in Las Vegas, Dean and I took a tour of the Neon Museum– an outdoor ‘boneyard’ of elaborate neon signs. The tour was phenomenal. We loved hearing stories about the city’s flashy past and almost every sign had a good story to go with it: Sinatra riding a camel up to […]

Viva Las Vegas

It’s been two weeks since we visited the gaudy, glittering gem that is Las Vegas but I’m only now going through our photos and diary scribblings. This was such a happy weekend! The Strip is like a series of whacky cover songs with celebrity and city impersonators. Everything’s lit up like Christmas and the streets […]