End of a Century

My Grandma Griffin passed away at the beginning of the week. We knew this was coming but, of course, I still wasn’t ready and I’m crushed. She taught me how to quilt, how to garden, and the fundamentals of socialism. She always tried to engage me in political debate even though I usually agreed with […]

365, week 12

March 16: Gavin’s birthday brunch at Romanza. Chocolate cherry tea and a fancy tea service! March 17: in the bottom of Risk Legacy. Yeah, I’m gonna open this eventually. March 18: You never have to apologize to me, Metro. ;) March 19: a lunch break look at Spring. March 20: a Flying Apron cupcake for […]

Monster Burger

While I no longer miss eating pricey slabs of steak, I still get cravings for fast food burgers… of the gooiest, grossest variety. Here I attempted to make my own version of the Hot Mess burger. I failed at making it messy but like to think I succeeded in making a small mountain of spicy […]

365, week 11

March 9: beautiful photos from Ottolenghi’s Plenty. March 10: Dean and I had a tax date- our first time filing jointly. Afterwards, cupcakes and coffee! March 11: walking by the Gum Wall before catching the bus to work March 12: saw this sign at my bus stop in the morning; it was gone when I […]

City Stardust

On our last day in Las Vegas, Dean and I took a tour of the Neon Museum– an outdoor ‘boneyard’ of elaborate neon signs. The tour was phenomenal. We loved hearing stories about the city’s flashy past and almost every sign had a good story to go with it: Sinatra riding a camel up to […]

Viva Las Vegas

It’s been two weeks since we visited the gaudy, glittering gem that is Las Vegas but I’m only now going through our photos and diary scribblings. This was such a happy weekend! The Strip is like a series of whacky cover songs with celebrity and city impersonators. Everything’s lit up like Christmas and the streets […]

365, week 10

This week was a real bummer. March 2: a lackadaisical Saturday morning with Morpheus March 3: Emerald City Comicon with Dave and James. Bill Willingham told us stories about living with my boss, Cullen Bunn told James about how he raised vultures on dog food, Howard Chaykin told us to break shit and get out […]

365, weeks 8 and 9

I blew off 365 photos toward the end of February. Dean and I got back from a killer weekend in Vegas and there was too much happenin’ in Seattle when we got back. Turns out, I’m deeply stupid about r&r and only slept about five collective hours this week (I was so excited about seeing […]