365, week 7

February 11: James quit one of his two jobs! This means he’ll be home more often and not shuffling about like a zombie. We celebrated with lunch at Mojito (the best Cuban food in Seattle).

February 12: dark, ominous clouds at 4 in the afternoon.

February 13: Morpheus on my lap. I like to pretend he’s watching House of Cards with us.

February 14: we’ve made an accidental tradition of pizza-at-home on Valentine’s Day, which I love. Dean surprised me this year by skipping the meat and tossing on some kale. Never before have our pies looked so similar- spooky!

February 15: and speaking of spooky things, here’s a ghostly view of the reservoir taken around 7am. By noon, the sun was out.

February 16: over the weekend, my co-worker Jen and I painted the library door at work. More on this later, the finished mural is AWESOME and I now want to paint every bare surface like a neon daydream.

February 17: the many shades of purple from my fading hair dye.

4 thoughts on “365, week 7

    • Yep, it’s a US remake with Kevin Spacey. We loved it, though from what I gather it’s much darker and takes itself more seriously than the UK version (which I’ve added to our Netflix queue!). Lemme know what you think if you check it out.

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