365, week 6

This week slipped away from me. Outside of work, I felt listless and spent almost every night in pajamas eating too much cake (let it be known though, the cake was exceptional). End-of-winter blues, I guess. I forgot my camera a couple times and used my phone instead- whoops!

February 4: my husband and his hot ass on laundry day. ;)

February 5: one of several drilled up stumps seen around where I work.

February 6: James belly laughing himself to tears. Morpheus got confused by the noise and bit James’s leg to make him stop. This is what he was laughing at. It’s funny, but 15 minutes of hysterics and tears? I dunno.

February 7: Pretty fake flowers at Westlake. I used to manage a boutique at this mall during one of the unhappiest points in my life. Now I find it weirdly soothing to shuffle around with the morning mall walkers while I wait for the bus.

February 8: bus love!

February 9: Chinese New Year in the International District. Red lanterns everywhere, dancing dragons, $2 food walk, and lots of fun snake hats and costumes (year of the snake!)

February 10: Morpheus in the afternoon sun. He likes stealing my stuff.

2 thoughts on “365, week 6

  1. Just catching up on missed posts… Your blog is looking great with all of these lovely images :) I’m definitely going to have to get round to trying some of your recipes… One day, one day!

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