365, week 5

January 28: Reading in bed, Warren Ellis’s Gun Machine. (I can’t believe how much I love this!)

January 29: ok, this looks gross but it was fucking delicious. Leftover tortilla soup, leftover mango guacamole, leftover black beans

January 30: wheatpaste wall at the market, meow!

January 31: I’m a homebody but I try to get out of the house for Sorted, my favorite dance night in the city. This was its last night at the Lo-Fi, my favorite venue (here it is almost exactly a year ago). I’m bummed it’s leaving the Lo-Fi and hope it starts back up somewhere soon!

February 1: a ‘morning after’ photo of the night before. Talking about Gun Machine with Dave before hitting up dance night (so many fun nights at this photobooth!)

February 2: Nate’s going to Baltimore for a couple months for work. Geez, we’re going to miss him!

February 3: a late Sunday breakfast of vegan French toast and fruit. Blood oranges make food look so faaahncy.

6 thoughts on “365, week 5

    • Thanks, it was delicious! I have to admit though, without an eggy batter, the bread just won’t stay as crisp. Still on the hunt for the perfect plate of v French toast.

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