Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Just a quick post before Dean and I leave on our mini vacation (so excited!). I baked these last week, following this recipe and hardly changed a thing apart from extra pumpkin and ginger. The wait time is long if you’re as impatient as I am (almost three hours for prep, rising, baking) but it’s […]

365, week 7

February 11: James quit one of his two jobs! This means he’ll be home more often and not shuffling about like a zombie. We celebrated with lunch at Mojito (the best Cuban food in Seattle). February 12: dark, ominous clouds at 4 in the afternoon. February 13: Morpheus on my lap. I like to pretend […]

365, week 6

This week slipped away from me. Outside of work, I felt listless and spent almost every night in pajamas eating too much cake (let it be known though, the cake was exceptional). End-of-winter blues, I guess. I forgot my camera a couple times and used my phone instead- whoops! February 4: my husband and his […]

365, week 5

January 28: Reading in bed, Warren Ellis’s Gun Machine. (I can’t believe how much I love this!) January 29: ok, this looks gross but it was fucking delicious. Leftover tortilla soup, leftover mango guacamole, leftover black beans January 30: wheatpaste wall at the market, meow! January 31: I’m a homebody but I try to get […]