365, week 4

It’s been a chilly, restless week. I started and quit a couple craft projects. Got lazy about studying French (I’m using my middle/high school textbook and find it amazing that I could grasp tenses better then than I can now). Watched a lot of bad TV and wondered why I wasted so much time. This week, I’m going to do the self-discipline thing…

January 21: the Caroline Smith pages in 100 Years of Fashion Illustration– super rad style.

January 22: a foggy commute to work.

January 23: haha! Good one, Fortune Cookie.

January 24: my weekly trip to the library.

January 25: ah, Morpheus. He’s always a howler but it’s been real bad with James on vacation. At his worst, he woke me up five times in a seven hour period (no childless adult should be robbed of this much sleep, right?). I was ready to kill… but, as usual, his adorable cat cuddles mean I always forgive.

January 26: finished Making History with a Mighty O Donut and a soy latte.

January 27: treated myself to a five buck bouquet at the market. Instant cheer on a drizzly Sunday.

4 thoughts on “365, week 4

    • It does kinda remind you of Yellow Submarine, doesn’t it? The Downtown Seattle Library is my favorite spot in the city! I wish I could remember the name of the artist for that installation…

    • Thanks so much! I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3. It’s one of those micro four-thirds models so it’s small but you can change lenses and good sensors. Also, I always cheat a bit with curves/levels in Photoshop. ;)

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