365, week 3

Blech, I caught a cold and spent most of last week feeling lousy. On the plus side, it gave me an excuse to order pho and oversleep- two things I like a lot but don’t indulge in too often. Then, I closed out the weekend with home cocktails and a hot bath. There are worse ways to ride out illness, I suppose…

January 15: James made baked pears. Simpler than the kind he made awhile back and still delicious. Loved coming home to the scent of baked fruit and cinnamon!

January 16:
Glitter lion at the office.

January 17: bundled up with a home smoothie (carrot, spinach, blueberry, ginger, coconut, chia).

January 18: a sea of people listening to Yo La Tengo at Easy Street Records QA. I was afraid I’d miss it because I got out of work late but I got in for the last four songs. God, I will miss having you as a neighbor, Easy Street!

January 19: bundled up again. Blurry, blurry. PS: What a gorgeous book. Makes me wish I made clothes.

January 20: Dean got the day off so we had a spur-of-the-moment date day in Ballard. Truffles: vegan chocolate cherry vanilla (mine), white chocolate with lemoncello and lavender (his).

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