365, week 2 (sort of)

In years past, I’ve opted to spend the bulk of winter at home- bundled up, marathon watching TV shows, and lamenting the little belly I put on in the cold, rainy months. This year has been different though. I complain about not wanting to leave the apartment, but then I end up having a great time out with friends. It’s been a very full and social start to 2013… I feel better for it. Hope to keep up the momentum!

January 7: The arterial halls at the downtown library. My library recently raised the ‘hold’ limit from 20 to 50. You bet I have 50 titles on hold right now. Supah Nerd.

January 8: Ok, so damnit. I missed January 8th.

January 9: SCRABBLE NIGHTS ARE BACK! Dean and I used to play every day but I’m a little rusty. Never did find a good spot for the ol’ vulva.

January 10: The ‘carousel house’, looking sinister as hell in the rain.

January 11: Our view of the sound and mountains.

January 12: Same view at sunset (a smidge to the left from the day before’s photo). I know sunsets are nothing special in a photo, but this was a sky-on-fire beauty. The clear days almost make you forget how miserable this city is the rest of the time.

January 13: We went and saw Holy Motors. I didn’t know what to expect and I’m still not sure what I saw- but it was a strange and dazzling thing. Also, the name Monsieur Merde is pretty great.

January 14: I still like having long, purple hair, but the ends are dry and scraggly. We both need hair cuts!

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