Hello, 2013!

Last night, we rang in the New Year at Kristy’s with friends, board games, and fireworks at the Space Needle (a spectacular show!). Dean and I kept it classic with a few drinks and a kiss at midnight. :) Today, we’re heading to the International District to play MORE board games with our friend Nate. Happy, happy New Year!!

Here are some of my plans for 2013 (ignore my tiny, cramped notes on the right):

1. Buy less plastic: I’m not ready to stop buying all plastic (my favorite cosmetics, craft supplies, or 99% of the cute kitsch at Daiso…) but I want to make more of an effort to cut down, specifically on goods with disposable plastic packaging. It helps that my apartment building has a food waste bin and Seattle in general is green as hell (the city has banned plastic shopping bags and officially recycles more than it throws away).
2. Practice photography: I’m doing a 365 project, my first one ever. It’s more of a stimulus for me to use my camera on a daily basis than it is a challenge to take photos within a theme. So, um, I don’t have a cool theme, only the aim of taking a photo every day.
3. Paint more dishes: Oh, yeah. This is definitely happening. My porcelain paints are gathering dust and I have owed Nate a Seven Samurai tea set for ages.
4. Study French: There are a million languages I want to learn but I lack discipline. Last year, I memorized super basic phrases in German and Welsh… ‘cos I like how those languages sound. This year, I’d wanted to try Norwegian but Dean, being the practical one (sigh), thought French made more sense ‘cos we took a couple years in high school/senior school. We’re learning together- hope that keeps us on track!
5. Study Geography: another thing I’m trying to learn a bit haphazardly. Lookin’ at maps and playing flash games. Dean and James both know their shit when it comes to flags, countries, and bodies of water. I’m embarrassed that I don’t.
6. Learn to drive: I have not attempted to drive since I was a teen and I still dread the hell out of it. I once walked six miles to a friend’s house in Upstate New York (and most of that walk didn’t have sidewalks or a wide shoulder of road). Ugh, I wish I weren’t such a coward.
7. Write real letters: We’re even making geeky stationery! I miss letters… and I should drop my Grandma a line more often. She is the queen of handwritten letters.
8. Exercise twice a week: I was pretty good about this until fall/winter. I’ve hated it in the past but I’m going to give running a shot. Kristy keeps telling me about this zombie mission game that makes running fun for her.
9. Organize: Because right now, it is a DRAWER OF CHAOS.
10. Thrift over buying new when possible: This serves several purposes. Accumulating less, saving money, and an excuse to hit up the Goodwill outlet bins on a regular basis.
11. Cook and bake more: Dean and James gave me a beautiful stand mixer for Christmas! So far I’ve only used it to make a batch of ginger cookies but there are soooo many recipes I want to try. This year is going to be delicious.

Best of luck to anyone with their own set of goals or resolutions!

6 thoughts on “Hello, 2013!

  1. May I request more information on the “Odessey and Oracle mini” project? I was listening to the Zombies album of the same name in my car just this morning.

    • I’d like to do a few illustrations loosely based on the songs- sort of my fan art project for the year. Odessey and Oracle is an all-time favorite album. I’ve heard it hundreds of times and it still gives me shivers, just being so perfect.

    • Happy New Year to you too (Bonne année et bonne santé)! I went to Montreal as a kid and would love to go back- what a beautiful city. Trying my best to learn basic French in the meantime. Thanks for the kind words. :)

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