Learning to Cook: Tortilla Soup

My stab at this hearty, spicy soup: The mere thought of tortilla soup makes my mouth water. I’ve always been a fan but hadn’t tried any since quitting meat. Turns out, there are loads of chickenless recipes out there and the flavors are still pretty rockin’. I loved how my version came out but next […]

365, week 4

It’s been a chilly, restless week. I started and quit a couple craft projects. Got lazy about studying French (I’m using my middle/high school textbook and find it amazing that I could grasp tenses better then than I can now). Watched a lot of bad TV and wondered why I wasted so much time. This […]

Learning to Cook: Ratatouille

I made this dish for ‘French Day’ at Nate’s. We watched Jean de Florette, The Red Balloon, and Tell No One. Fantastique! In the words of Julia Child, ‘Ratatouille perfumes the kitchen with the essence of Provence and is certainly one of the great Mediterranean dishes.’ I failed to follow her recipe to the letter […]

365, week 3

Blech, I caught a cold and spent most of last week feeling lousy. On the plus side, it gave me an excuse to order pho and oversleep- two things I like a lot but don’t indulge in too often. Then, I closed out the weekend with home cocktails and a hot bath. There are worse […]

365, week 2 (sort of)

In years past, I’ve opted to spend the bulk of winter at home- bundled up, marathon watching TV shows, and lamenting the little belly I put on in the cold, rainy months. This year has been different though. I complain about not wanting to leave the apartment, but then I end up having a great […]

365, week 1

Aw, yeah. Week One, in the bag! January 1: vegetarian green curry, my first meal of the year. January 2: Sitting Indian style, Morpheus curled up on my lap, flipping through Taschen’s Visual History of Type January 3: Ruth’s front yard. God, she’s cool. January 4: Cat sitting with Dean! This goofy boy is Rise, […]

Hello, 2013!

Last night, we rang in the New Year at Kristy’s with friends, board games, and fireworks at the Space Needle (a spectacular show!). Dean and I kept it classic with a few drinks and a kiss at midnight. :) Today, we’re heading to the International District to play MORE board games with our friend Nate. […]