This Year in a Nutshell

There were some very sad moments in 2012 but overall, I’ve had a full and happy year.

First, Dean and I tied the knot! It’s hard for me to articulate why being married is important and special to us- we aren’t religious or planning for kids yet- but yeah. It’s a biggie; we are officially each others’ family. BAWWW, I dunno what else to say! Being married is the best and I love mah husband.

We traveled to: Portland, Vancouver (1, 2, 3), Buffalo (where we had our first wedding and honeymoon at the Asa Ransom B&B), London (1, 2), Los Angeles, and Disneyland!

(Our veggie Thanksgiving dinner) I quit eating meat and dairy back in May. I still think those foods are tasty but decided my life was better without them. My reasons are the same as most vegetarians (personal health, animal welfare, environmental impact) so… ya know. Here, I just wanna say it’s one of the most positive lifestyle choices I’ve made and I’ve never felt better.

We lost our beloved cat, Schnitzel. He was the sweetest boy- always down for a head bumps, cuddles, and bird watching. Sorry to throw in such a bummer but we still miss him like crazy. He was a cat like no other who loved us unconditionally and left this world too soon (he was only 11). Rest in peace, king of kitties.

I did some craftin’. I’m most pleased with how the converse I painted for Ian came out. Definitely planning to paint up more sneakers this coming year. Other stuff: painted cups, fake party lashes, jazzed up disposable cameras.

Dean and I moved across town and James moved across the country to be our housemate! I’m so glad he moved out here- it’s been great. Apart from being my best friend, James is an excellent cook who ENJOYS doing dishes (ya heard right). Best roommate ever! He also moved out here with his cat Morpheus. It’s taken some getting used to ‘cos Morpheus is a howler and kind of a damaged, little dude but, as I type this, he’s curled up on my lap being cute as all hell- can’t help but love that!

Many things to be thankful for, looking forward to 2013!

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