30 Years of Love & Rockets

My friend, Kristy, helped put together an exhibit to celebrate 30 years of Love & Rockets (one of my very favorite comics). We arrived at the store just in time for Christmas carolers. Said ‘hey’ to friends and co-workers. Then the Hernandez brothers signed stuff for me while I awkwardly said nothing… Haha. They’re real nice. :)

Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez. (You can kinda see the badass screenprint I bought behind them.)

A collage of art and artifacts. Eep! I love old photos.

A Moebius letter that calls Love & Rockets a “perfect” drawing.

7 thoughts on “30 Years of Love & Rockets

  1. Love and Rockets is one of my favorite indie comics. The art is so clean and captures the different stories perfectly. Wish I could draw as well as they do. (said the world’s laziest artist/ dishwasher)

  2. I think I see some Building Stories behind Gilbert’s shoulder…and some other Building Stories-related thing behind that. Hey, I think I need that mysterious second thing!

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