This Year in a Nutshell

There were some very sad moments in 2012 but overall, I’ve had a full and happy year. First, Dean and I tied the knot! It’s hard for me to articulate why being married is important and special to us- we aren’t religious or planning for kids yet- but yeah. It’s a biggie; we are officially […]

James’s Curry-Chili and Fried Plantains

I believe the greatest joy in winter (besides sleeping in) is eating delicious, hearty food. This year, the food’s been reeeal good ‘cos James has made a lot of it. Two of my faves: Curry-Chili: affectionately named since it has the flavors of curry but the chunky goodness of chili. Pssst: You need a pretty […]

Pink Think by Lynn Peril

A couple years ago, I went to a Q&A with a cartoonist who recalled a time he tried to rid himself of pubic lice with Lysol. He took a shower, poured on undiluted Lysol, then had to take a second shower minutes later in order to alleviate the burning. Listening to this made me laugh […]

30 Years of Love & Rockets

My friend, Kristy, helped put together an exhibit to celebrate 30 years of Love & Rockets (one of my very favorite comics). We arrived at the store just in time for Christmas carolers. Said ‘hey’ to friends and co-workers. Then the Hernandez brothers signed stuff for me while I awkwardly said nothing… Haha. They’re real […]

November Wrap-Up

surprise gift from Dean- what a hoot! | leftover Halloween in our living room girls’ night: peppermint tea and record shopping | treasure at the Goodwill Glitter Sale huge mushrooms by the office | goodies from Nico’s moving sale (and a curious cat) veggie Thanksgiving. :) | goodbye, Nico. :( master musicians (yeah, again. they […]