Cloud Atlas

Over the weekend, I watched Cloud Atlas, which tells six stories taking place between the 1800s and “106 winters after the fall.” The tone and style of each story is different and they are told in tiny, out of order pieces with a group of about ten actors taking on every role between them. Nate, my movie buff pal and David Mitchell fan, says it’s the best movie of the year. I don’t know about that but even with some of the corniness, it’s extremely impressive. For some reason, it works as a splashy, Hollywood movie. The scope of this thing is epic, adapted in a way that’s both dazzling and easy to follow. After you accept the same stars in whatever time period/race/gender they’re in, you can enjoy how nicely they tie things together. I kinda had trouble getting into some of the make-up (Halle Berry’s life saver forehead, those fake-ass monolids*) but even then, extremely impressive indeed.

Did I mention I went to see Cloud Atlas all by myself? It was one of my 2012 goals to go to the movies solo so, uh, high five! I was first in the theater and the only other people that showed up were couples. I feel bad for the poor guy who sat down with his date on one side and me on the other because it turns out I have a freakish compulsion to ‘react’ while watching. When I laugh, I usually look over at Dean, same if I’m surprised by something or end up crying- I have a cartoonishly expressive face. So, I kept turning with my array of crazy faces to this stranger; I couldn’t stop myself. I hope when he returned my teary face with a sympathetic one, it was to say, ‘the Frobisher/Sixsmith ending is killing me too!’ not a ‘holy hell, you must be pathetically lonely.’ Oh dear, oh dear…

*I don’t find it offensive to see white people pretending to be Asian… I’m a prideless Korean who ‘secretly’ loves Peter Sellers in yellow face. It’s a super freaky look in this movie though.

4 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas

  1. Yeah, that film is on my list on “things to see before the end of the year” if only to see how the stories play out… And Peter Sellers was funny as a Korean (or an Indian like in “The Party”) because his character was more than the caricature…

    • I hope you do see it and like it as much as I do! Peter Sellers in Murder By Death could be seen as offensive but even then, I loved him. Why I give that a pass and not, say, Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at TIffany’s? Can’t say. I definitely don’t think the non-Asian actors of Cloud Atlas are giving negative portrayals… in fact, I was impressed that Keith David even went to the trouble of developing his character’s voice!

    • Even the dullest movies are fun to see on a big screen with the right crowd. I hope you get to lots of films this coming year. London has such beautiful cinemas!

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