Killer Party

Sunday morning, we had our friends over for a Cults and Killers themed brunch. Dean and I first talked about throwing this party a couple months ago to celebrate our wedding, our (minor) move, and James’s (big) move. But, ya know, we weren’t timely so it became a Halloween brunch instead. I think from a glance (and you might have to squint if you’re glancing at Dave or Ian), it looks like everyone’s dressed in their Sunday best- funny thing about serial killer fashions…

Serial Mom ready to murder some early-birthday cake. All that’s missing from Kristy’s look is a bloody poker but, believe me, we couldn’t find one. Dave as a thug. Dude is a lightening fast crafter- he fashioned this costume out of old sheets in 30 minutes! Also, I think he looks rad in eyeliner.

Don’t worry- the rat poison is just a bottle of fish oil in disguise. The femme fatale is innocently trying to slip Justin some omega-3s! Jeremy came as Jack the Ripper- though you can find him dressed this sharply any day of the week. (For real.)

Patrick Bateman, complete with bone white business cards. I think it’s the greatest that Nate drove people home with a face covered in blood. ‘Crazy Legs’ Ian dressed up as a fiery haired maniac. His grandma made him those granny square pants- too cute!

James is supposed to be Albert Fish but the fake mustache just makes him look extra-Italian. Dean and I dressed up as Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. It cracks me up that the only Myra costume I could find through an internet search was another Asian girl. I guess most people aren’t this tasteless.

Our badass spread included: pozole, baked apples, tempeh bacon, pumpkin pancakes, grapes, and french press coffee. Fixins: chili peppers, avocado, onion. Off frame there was a pitcher of mimosas.

Baked Apples: this is essentially the same recipe as James’s baked pears except that I used apples and filled ’em with sugar, cinnamon, and pecans.

James used this recipe as a guideline for the pozole. And, of course, he used the hearts of his fallen enemies instead of pork. He’s a traditionalist.

7 thoughts on “Killer Party

  1. Ha ha, I had a feeling you two would come up with an amazing Halloween theme! Myra Hindley – so easy, why have I never thought of it before?! Oh and I’ve only recently learned who Albert Fish is (somehow his reputation hasn’t quite made it all the way over to this side of the pond). His Wikipedia entry alone gave me the shivers!

    • I feel like a creeper saying this, but Dean and I planned on doing the Moors murderer costumes since summer- very easy to put together. I just needed a wig and the will to not smile. James was originally going to make a rump roast but thought serving that as Albert Fish would be too off-putting. Super scary dude. Happy Halloween, Eleni!!

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