Double Date in Disneyland

I’m a giant sap about Disneyland because it’s where Dean proposed to me a couple years ago. We went for the second time last weekend with David and Kristy- it was the raddest double date!

A few pseudo-vintage phone photos:

Sleeping Beauty’s pastel, Bavarian dream-castle. I’m being completely sincere when I say my heart turns to goo at the sight of this thing… and those perfect Disney topiaries (the Dumbo hedges kill me!).

Space Mountain monster (or the shadow of Kristy’s finger, whatever). We went on Space Mountain twice, it was all tricked out for Halloween with outer space ghoulies.


Big Thunder Love

The Haunted Mansion themed for Nightmare Before Christmas. We were super nerds and made it on the first ride of the day!

And a super cheesy video with really bad sound:

Double Date in Disneyland from Steph Rivers on Vimeo.

We were sneaky and watched the fireworks the night before from the Mimi’s parking lot. You miss out on Julie Andrews magical voice, but it’s a killer view!

Other really good things: churro sugar highs (the only big exception I’ve made since going vegan), Mr Toad’s HELL, bilingual safety instructions, the Matterhorn yettis, Anjelica Houston in Captain Eo, and our amazing kitsch hotel- the Alpine Inn (it’s decorated like a Swiss Chalet, it even has fake icicles hanging from the roof. Why isn’t the nearby Jolly Roger hotel decorated like a pirate ship?). Thanks to our sweet friends for getting us park tickets as a wedding gift! Between this and our London Eye tickets, we feel awfully spoiled for fun getaways.

6 thoughts on “Double Date in Disneyland

  1. DREAMS! I was lucky enough to tag along to my then-boyfriend’s family holiday to Disneyland when I was about 23, and I have never grinned so much in my life! I was completely hyper the entire time. I high-fived Buzz Lightyear.

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