California Dreaming

We were only there for a couple days but Dean and I had the most fantastic time in California! I’d never been to Los Angeles before so we stayed on the beach so it’d be easy to walk around. Omigod, Venice Beach is so weird and wonderful. At the public restroom, we ran into a man washing his underwear who said to me, ‘Life’s a beach, eh?’ Haha, and that day it really was.

a smile indeed

fake, phone photobooth!

Breakfast at Figtree’s: tofu scramble with soy chorizo, sourdough toast with apple butter, a bowl-sized cup of coffee

walking by the trendy businesses along Abbot Kinney (cute dogs everywhere!)

laughing for ages at this playful pup chasing away all the birds. We’re easily amused. :)

‘Wurst’ date ever: We loved Wurstküche so much, we went two days in a row! Veggie apple sage with sweet peppers for me, plain bratwurst for Dean. Bonus: Fruli on tap!

Mmmmm, I’ll never get sick of palm trees and sunshine.

6 thoughts on “California Dreaming

    • Haha, yes- his OTHER pair of underwear. The sinks are outside on the beach itself so he’d have to be a real exhibitionist to do all his laundry at once!

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