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This past Thursday, Nate and I went to a ‘one night only’ showing of Lawrence of Arabia in Downtown Seattle. It goes without saying that this was a perfect movie theater experience. It did remind me, however, of all the big budget movies I watched over the summer- I thought Prometheus sucked but I still couldn’t help but think of it while watching Peter O’Toole as Lawrence. So, even though summer’s long gone, here’s a brief re-cap of the movies I saw on the big screen.

The Avengers:

Planet Earth is in peril and only a team of superheroes can save it. Hardly a novel plot but, yeah, I loooved this. The fights are fun and the Joss Whedon wisecracks work all the characters together nicely. Favorite bits: Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and, later, a very satisfying Hulk smash (is there anything better than the Hulk shutting people up?). Oh, and Loki calling Black Widow a quim- seriously.


Man, I was not into this. The plot is full of holes and while it’s a cool cast, the characters are lame-o. The one interesting crew member is David (Michael Fassbender), who has more complexity as an android than any of the (supposed) humans. Oh well. Not every space crew can have Harry Dean Stantons and ginger cats…

The Amazing Spider-Man:

Mumbling, skater nerd Peter Parker, saucy Gwen Stacy, and MR LIZARD. The only superhero movie of the summer I hadn’t planned to see in theaters but I’m glad I did because it was highly enjoyable. I’m all about the level of cheese in this and I think Rhys Ifans totally rules. I dunno, I was surprised by how much I liked this. There’s one scene with a fucked up lab mouse that cracked me up for a full five minutes. Dean told me later the audience members behind us were laughing at me laughing.

The Dark Knight Rises:

The last movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. We caught a near empty showing of it at the Odeon in London- how fahncy of us. The first half seems a little drawn out but I thought it got pretty great after Bane took over. It made me appreciate Batman Begins a little more and I got a kick out of Bane’s old timey villain voice. I love the scene where Batman kills the lights and Bane laughs at him. Suckah.

9 thoughts on “Mainstream Movie Girl

  1. Yep, saw all of these – it’s been a great year for superheroes!

    I felt similarly dissatisfied with Prometheus, but I still can’t figure out quite why, which means I’ll have to see it again at some point. What was with that scientist-boyfriend guy? And why Guy Pierce? So many questions…

    Absolutely loved The Avengers, saw it twice! And yeah, Mark Ruffalo’s my favourite, too – I was shocked when my boyfriend asked me if i thought Thor was fit – um, hello? You’re barking up the completely wrong tree!

    I went to see Looper this week and I am wholeheartedly happy to recommend it to you. Time-travel hitmen!

    • I just wish Prometheus had Alien’s ordinary-guys-in-space feel. Even the obnoxious dudes who get picked off early seem too flat and stylized. I couldn’t buy that conventionally attractive bro as an archaeologist and it seemed like Guy Pearce was stuck in for the sole purpose of showing off the make-up artist’s skill (granted, they were some mad skillz).

      Ha- I think Dean had the same thought! For some reason, straight men think women are into the dumb, buff look. I don’t get that either! Man, Looper’s on my list. Maybe I can catch it at the second run theatre!

  2. OMG how can you guys dislike Prometheus? I like it a lot or maybe just because I’m a big fan of alien and outer space movies :) I fell asleep in the middle of The Avengers so I couldn’t say much if I like it or not :)

    Anh @Fab ‘n Fun

    • Eh, the fx in Prometheus looked cool but for all the money dumped into it, it seemed like a patchy script (they just landed by the pyramids by chance, there’s a surgery machine on board but it’s only for men, the characters make lots of bizarrely bad decisions)- nerdy things to pick at… I’m glad you liked it though! I still think the viral videos for Weyland Corp are neat and, usually, I dig outer space movies too. Haha! You probably didn’t like The Avengers if you fell asleep- I get that capes aren’t fun for everyone. :)

  3. Prometheus is the only movie I’ve seen in the theater so far this year. I liked it a lot, but I will admit that aspects of it left me a bit confused. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to clear up my questions on DVD (which I think came out this week).

    My parents and I tried to see The Avengers in the theater, but they were only showing the 3D version. I don’t go in for that fancypants stuff. It’s my intention to see it it and the other movies on your list when they turn up at my library.

    • Lemme know if the DVD clears anything up! My movie going friends always opt for 2D which disappoints me. 3D movies cost more, usually aren’t impressive, and leave me with headaches, but I love them! Similarly, I hope odorama makes a comeback…

  4. Saw “The Avengers” and thoroughly enjoyed it- my comic book collecting boyhood dream of seeing these heroes come to life as a team came true! I also enjoyed the hell out of “The Dark Knight Rises.” It was a brilliant movie on many levels. I did not see “Prometheus” and “The Amazing Spiderman” yet. I am not interested in “Prometheus.” (“Alien” prequel? My mind went “meh.”)

    • Yeah- both really great! Alien is one of my favorite movies and I definitely think it’s cool to skip Prometheus. You might want to hunt down a clip of the character David mimicking Peter O’Toole though…

      Lawrence of Arabia was shown at Cinerama awhile ago and it sold out. I agree that would have been the ideal theatre to see it at but the AMC I caught this at was still fantastic!

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