September Wrap-Up

September was a very full month, but a very good one.

Trippy lights at Bumbershoot. Jason’s BBQ birthday at the office

Stiff drinks at the Arctic Club for Dave and Nate’s birthday. The best pipe in my ‘hood

Waffle Day returned to work! Brunch at our new apartment.

Awesome things: James and his cat moved in with me ‘n’ Dean; I saw John Waters live!; saw The Hives; went to the best dance night of my life at Chop Suey (the DJ spins 45s and the floor is slick with talcum powder); bleached my hair- though it currently looks like toxic Asian orange; saw Jurassic Park on the big screen AGAIN. And now it’s October, my favorite month of all. Pumpkin carving this weekend!

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