London Leftovers

I meant to organize these photos into posts but, what the hell. It’s October already and I know we’ll remember it as a good trip without writing it all out.

a superb beer shop in Enfield, located right around the corner from Dean’s folks. Fruli 4EVA!

James at Beigel Bake. I defy my fellow New Yorkers to say a word against this place- it’s the best!

Saw the Damien Hirst retrospective at Tate Modern- no cameras allowed. The second photo is one of many painted shop shutters along Brick Lane. I’m always a tourist but especially so around cool murals.

Other things we checked out along Brick Lane: the Sunday UpMarket, Tatty Devine (I bought a necklace shaped like a slice of watermelon), and Rough Trade (while a couple took their engagement photos- very cute).

Sarah and Zac got us London Eye tickets as a wedding gift. The views were phenomenal! We took my mom and Aunt Kyle along for the ride.

eye spy more pretty walls

the shi-tzus. They are insane but adorable. This one’s Patch, nan’s dog.

Jensie, Tiny, Harvey, and Cocoa- trying to play it cool while Dean’s mum feeds them treats. Haha, they looked like they were going to explode if she made them sit two seconds longer

Dean, the dog terror.

4 thoughts on “London Leftovers

    • I have to say, I think Beigel Bake has the best bagels I’ve EVER had. They really blew us all away. The dogs are still real young so they’re playful 24-7- crazy cute!

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