Hiding Out on Halloween

Waiting for Dean to get home from work so we can cuddle up in pajamas, enjoy some take-out food, and watch Les Diaboliques. It’s been a strange couple days. I can’t believe all the havoc Hurricane Sandy’s wreaked on my home coast. We’re grateful our family and friends are safe. Ay yi yi… Anyway, it’ll […]

Killer Party

Sunday morning, we had our friends over for a Cults and Killers themed brunch. Dean and I first talked about throwing this party a couple months ago to celebrate our wedding, our (minor) move, and James’s (big) move. But, ya know, we weren’t timely so it became a Halloween brunch instead. I think from a […]

Double Date in Disneyland

I’m a giant sap about Disneyland because it’s where Dean proposed to me a couple years ago. We went for the second time last weekend with David and Kristy- it was the raddest double date! A few pseudo-vintage phone photos: Sleeping Beauty’s pastel, Bavarian dream-castle. I’m being completely sincere when I say my heart turns […]

California Dreaming

We were only there for a couple days but Dean and I had the most fantastic time in California! I’d never been to Los Angeles before so we stayed on the beach so it’d be easy to walk around. Omigod, Venice Beach is so weird and wonderful. At the public restroom, we ran into a […]


Another summer flashback: Bumbershoot! I took it easy and only went one day this year (last year I went nuts). In between splurging at Flatstock and seeing JOHN WATERS, I checked out this rad Elvis art show: ‘Elvis in Hell’ Charles Burns, ‘Black Elvis’ Larry Reid (Larry!) and John Ohannesian ‘Elvis Alive/Dead’ Joey Veltkamp ‘ElvisElvis […]

Mainstream Movie Girl

This past Thursday, Nate and I went to a ‘one night only’ showing of Lawrence of Arabia in Downtown Seattle. It goes without saying that this was a perfect movie theater experience. It did remind me, however, of all the big budget movies I watched over the summer- I thought Prometheus sucked but I still […]

James Made Us: Baked Pears

James is always in our postage-stamp kitchen, whipping up delicious food. He’s modest about it, but he’s kind of a cooking whiz so I decided to start documenting all the awesome stuff he makes. Last Sunday for brunch, he made us baked pears. They were sooo good! Even Dean, who doesn’t like fruit, liked these: […]

September Wrap-Up

September was a very full month, but a very good one. Trippy lights at Bumbershoot. Jason’s BBQ birthday at the office Stiff drinks at the Arctic Club for Dave and Nate’s birthday. The best pipe in my ‘hood Waffle Day returned to work! Brunch at our new apartment. Awesome things: James and his cat moved […]

London Leftovers

I meant to organize these photos into posts but, what the hell. It’s October already and I know we’ll remember it as a good trip without writing it all out. a superb beer shop in Enfield, located right around the corner from Dean’s folks. Fruli 4EVA! James at Beigel Bake. I defy my fellow New […]