On Tying the Knot Two or Three Times…

Dean and I have now been married twice (technically three times), in front of both of our grandmas, in different time zones, and with different celebrants. It’s on the books all over the place that we’re crazy about each other!

London living room wedding (Pimm’s, Victoria sponge cake, Betty Boop, and five frenzied shi-tzus)

Buffalo backyard wedding (Sangria and beers, four homemade cakes, mini reunions with high school and college pals)

Seattle Courthouse (cutting out of work, sparkly chuck taylors, and a very sweet judge)

Dean and I are really excited about spending the rest of our lives together but, to be honest, we had trouble mustering up enthusiasm for our weddings. Life was really gettin’ us down so wedding plans had to be set aside. But when the day(s) finally came, things immediately lightened up. I feel hokey putting it this way, but having our perfect little ceremony in front of friends and family was healing. It’s like we knew it was cool to be happy about stuff again. We were surrounded by people we love, many of whom we hadn’t seen in years. Little things continued to go wrong- it rained in Buffalo and our venue in London had to be switched last minute- but that’s almost goofy sitcom misfortune, ya know?

We had a ‘secret’ ceremony at the Seattle courthouse (turns out we didn’t meet the requirements to get legally married out of state or country). Afterwards we took our witnesses out to Bimbo’s for celebratory margaritas and burritos. My mom and aunts blew us away with all the work they did for our Buffalo wedding- they’d made enough food to feed an army, potted over 40 succulents, and even made lavender sachets. In London, we wrote our wedding vows (with our eccentric, ‘mostly funerals’ celebrant) and set up Dean’s mum’s living room in less than 24 hours. My mom made it over so she got to meet Dean’s family and Gavin, Heather, Ian, and James made the trip over! (James was our best man and therefore our one man wedding party.) We couldn’t have asked for a better whirlwind wedding week.

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