The Wedding Thing: Cameras

I’ve been told we’ll regret it but Dean and I decided not to hire a professional photographer. We had lovely photos taken by a pro back when we got engaged but, honestly, we kinda forgot about it after we sent the prints off to our folks. It was a great experience, photography just isn’t a priority for our big day(s). But duh!- we still want fun pictures with our guests! So, we decided to go with disposable cameras:

Pink and orange, our two favorite colors! We got a few Fujifilm Quicksnaps and followed this nifty DIY. Instead of contact paper, we painted sticker paper (the kind you buy for your printer), cut out the stickers to fit the camera, laid ’em down, then painted on a tiny flash flower. There are definitely some visible rough bits but I’m totally digging the results. I think they’ll be ideal for our picnic-y reception.

(Psst: Cannot believe we’ll be married this time next month! Daaamn.)

5 thoughts on “The Wedding Thing: Cameras

  1. such a great idea! hope all the other details for your big day are falling into place :)
    can’t wait to hear (read) all about it!

    MissFeebs x

  2. I think this is a good idea – it’s such a huge expense and if you know you have the kind of friends who take tons of pictures then why bother? Just make sure you get at least one full-body shot of you two in your glad rags, and what else do you need?

    One month to go! Eep!

    • Totally! I was looking through some photos taken on a disposable camera back in college and I loved the look of them, even the few that came out funny with red eyes were so sweet to look back on.

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