Easy Eats

Some tasty meals I’ve been making (ok, I didn’t make the last one), as captured on my trusty phone camera. Simple stuff but leagues above my recent past where I thought cooking was a real bummer and lived almost exclusively on PB&Js… It helps that I’m in walking distance to a fantastic farmers market and so many things are in season now- the whole world looks delicious!


oat square cereal and blueberry kale smoothie, oatmeal with banana and Spanish dates, mochi with fruit and fake meats (one of our gooey Sunday breakfasts in bed). These are the jazziest versions of breakfast for me. Most weekday mornings I have a smoothie, toast, or miso soup.


tofurkey salad nori wraps, zucchini pasta with homemade sauce and meatless meatballs, a bowl of yellow curry (I didn’t make this one, it’s from In the Bowl)

Soooo, I quit meat and dairy about a month ago. I think meat is tasty as heck, but because that was my only reason for eating it, compared to so many reasons to not eat it, I dropped it. Dairy was more difficult. I loved dairy-rich foods so much that even the discomfort of being lactose intolerant could not sway me from milkshakes, milk chocolate, and CHEESE. Um, until it did and I got sick of popping lactaids all the time. I don’t miss meat but I have twice fallen for the siren song of cheese. Oh man, my gd guts were a wreck. Haha. Looking forward to making more food that leaves no room for temptation. :)

4 thoughts on “Easy Eats

    • Thanks! I think of myself as a dairy junkie in recovery. The fierce urge to binge on fro-yo and ice cream sundaes is nuts! Still, totally worth it.

  1. Great stuff! I am always on the look-out for healthy recipes, so please keep sharing! There seem to be more and more veggies, vegans, and dairy-free folks in my life these days, and they always need feeding (and let’s not talk about the poor wheat-free folks, they break my heart). And good on you for taking the plunge to quit eating meat – it’s an admirable decision!

    • Thanks- I’m actually quite pleased I haven’t buckled yet! These days, most of my meals are born out of the necessity to use up produce before it goes bad. Hope to try some (slightly) more complex recipes this summer!

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