Sunday, Sunday Here Again in Tidy Attire

On weekend mornings, Schnitzel likes to howl like a siren until I get up but when I finally do, he quiets down and nestles in for a nap. I dunno if he’s just being a prick or what. Maybe he thinks I have the coziest side of the bed (I do) and wants it all to himself. Whatever the reason, I can’t stay mad at a cute, sleepy cat. Plus, I’ve got day old donuts (Mighty-O!) and fun plans for the afternoon. Sundays are my favorite day.

This week, Dean and I have checked out four apartments and watched lots of bad Netflix while crafting stuff for our wedding. It looks like we might be moving (Seattle) the same week we get married (New York, London). I kinda like having a lot of crazy stuff going on at once but, yeah, I suck at scheduling.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday Here Again in Tidy Attire

  1. I’d love to move to Washington, but things keep me where I’m am and i just don’t know if I can say good bye to the sun so easily, perhaps just a visit one day :) love the post!

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