RIP Schnitzel

Our beloved kitty passed away tonight. Schnitzel was the best and sweetest cat on the planet. He completed our tiny family and there is a definite void without him. It tears us up that we’ll never again see his mocha-moustachioed face, hear him make that funny chirrup noise at the birds, or have him purring […]

Bus Dog

So, I was having a really terrible day, scowling all the way to the bus, when this adorable dog got up in the seat next to me and proceeded to fall asleep in my lap. I am not kidding. Obviously, my super stress-out melted away after this dog told me to chill out (in so […]

The Wedding Thing: Cameras

I’ve been told we’ll regret it but Dean and I decided not to hire a professional photographer. We had lovely photos taken by a pro back when we got engaged but, honestly, we kinda forgot about it after we sent the prints off to our folks. It was a great experience, photography just isn’t a […]

Easy Eats

Some tasty meals I’ve been making (ok, I didn’t make the last one), as captured on my trusty phone camera. Simple stuff but leagues above my recent past where I thought cooking was a real bummer and lived almost exclusively on PB&Js… It helps that I’m in walking distance to a fantastic farmers market and […]

Sunday, Sunday Here Again in Tidy Attire

On weekend mornings, Schnitzel likes to howl like a siren until I get up but when I finally do, he quiets down and nestles in for a nap. I dunno if he’s just being a prick or what. Maybe he thinks I have the coziest side of the bed (I do) and wants it all […]