June Wrap-Up and 2012 Goal Update

June through Instagram: the wall by our table on date night, damn fine cherry pie on a rainy day, Schnitzel hunting bugs, the legendary bathroom at In the Bowl, my saucy pajamas from Betsey Johnson (gutted that they’re closing!), coffee cat wall mural in the International District, revisiting our old ‘hood for the punk rock flea market, and waiting for sunny summer to arrive.

Back in January, I posted 13 goals in hopes that it would shame me into tackling them in a timely fashion. Here’s where I’m at:

1. Plan wedding: Almost! We’re getting married in August with one wedding in Upstate New York and another in North London. Even though both are going to be casual and laidback, it’s a lot more work than we were expecting. Luckily, we’re getting to the fun, exciting stuff now.
2. Design and paint a new glassware set (or two): Done! I painted some skull tumblers and I’m about to paint some tea cups for a friend.
3. Illustrate a movie character alphabet: I’ve got letters M thru Z done but I’ve been lazy as hell on the rest. Time to watch more of my favorite films and draw A thru L.
4. Get a Washington State ID: Done! Believe me, I didn’t want to part with my New York ID but I’ve lived in Washington state for over four years now and I want to vote here.
5. Read 15 new prose novels: No! And this goal can fuck off because I don’t have hang-ups about what I like to read anymore. I’m busy and sometimes I just want to be read bad comics. (I read good comics too… but I read lotsa not-good ones)
6. Decorate the apartment: No, but we will this fall when my best friend, James Messina, moves in with us! Our apartment is going to rule.
7. See a movie by myself: No… I’m a real chicken about doing social stuff solo.
8. Take a trapeze class: No, same reason as above.
9. Finish the gd myth zine: No, but this one will be cake. Just have to buy a new book binding awl and stitch ’em up. Probably after the wedding.
10. Study the names, dates, and achievements of US Presidents (a stumbling block in pub trivia): No. Unless we’re talking about Andrew Johnson being drunk as a skunk during inauguration, my memory just can’t retain facts on US Presidents. Not giving up though!
11. Memorize basic travel phrases in German, Norwegian, French, and Welsh: Blech, no! But it looks like we’re honeymooning in Germany so I’ll start there.
12. Plan out meals beyond PB&J or Ramen: Yes! My biggest and best life change came in giving up meat and dairy. I used to loathe the kitchen but now I’m in there every day, whipping up tasty meals.
13. Lie to myself that exercising is fun until I believe it: Yes! I run through some quick calisthenics each morning (very Asian…), go on a run at least once a week, and if I know Dean won’t be home for awhile, I’ll bust out some Richard Simmons. Still on the hunt for a crystal-studded tank top and dolfin shorts…

2 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up and 2012 Goal Update

    • Me too- it was a dumb goal and I’m happy to fill my summer with lighter fare than what I’d originally planned. Good luck with War and Peace though- wasn’t that the one where the B&N replaced every use of the word ‘kindle’ with ‘nook’ in their ebook? That cracked me up :)

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