Russian Circles

I cleansed myself of Saturday’s club beatz with some Sunday METAL. Fuzzy and fog-filled phone photos:

Not a show I’d usually check out but I’m glad I did- it was great and super fun to see with Ian. Sandrider went right into a flurry of intense, high energy jams. And So I Watch You From Afar played infectiously dance-y math rock. The initially stoic dude in front of us cut loose and jumped around like a maniac during their set- that was pretty rad. Russian Circles was… very impressive. Heavy instrumental songs with crisp, full drums and epic riffs. Fog filled up the stage and rolled out over the first few rows of the crowd. ‘MORE FOG!’ yelled Ian’s friend. We could only see the glimmer of a cymbal and some rockin’ silhouettes.

2 thoughts on “Russian Circles

    • Totally! It blew me away.

      (PS: Your blog is one of my favorites- I’m green with envy of your thrift hauls and the commentary is just fantastic!)

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