Starry-Eyed Disco

I first saw sequined eyelashes from Shimmer Twins and loved them so much that I decided to whip up a home version. Unfortunately, the pair I made last night was totally underwhelming- too skimpy on the stars. So, I woke up this morning and remedied the situation by gluing on a shit-ton more sequins, adding a few golds on the underside for optimal bling. Woo- pre-breakfast, pajama disco superstar!

*Last night, I went out in the less bling-y lashes to disco/boogie dance night at Barboza, a club underneath Neumos. It’s funny because the last time I was in that space was when I first moved out to Seattle. It was a lot less swanky then and my roommate threw a fantastic ‘Dirtbag Prom’ party there. It was probably my first ‘official’ date with Dean. Man, time flies…

8 thoughts on “Starry-Eyed Disco

  1. yea so I’m in love with this idea. Though I’ve never wore any false lashes before, I wonder if I can glue the stars to my own eye lashes. lols. owchies!

    • I know gluing things to your eyelids sounds medieval but it’s totally painless and I’m always surprised how well fake lashes hold up in my city’s wind and rain. Luckily, the sequins stayed put! Hope you give it a shot (even star/kitsch-less)!!

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