Psychedelic Kicks

Ian let me sharpie and paint up his (formerly) all-white All-Stars!

I always seem to start off at a loss on crafts for other people so I started by re-creating a doodle I did on my old college shoes. The rest is heavily inspired by album art for Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies and The Virgin Suicides (score) by Air.

Here’s what the shoes looked like after outlining, before painting. I started out drawing on some long-locked ladies, flowers, and unicorns then filled in the rest with whatever. The fabric markers I tried using were way nasty so most of the color is acrylic paint. I forgot how much canvas could soak up, so the paint is a liiittle uneven. I made an effort to weather-proof ’em with Kiwi Fabric Protector but I’m not sure how well they’ll actually hold up in the rain. Fingers crossed!

13 thoughts on “Psychedelic Kicks

  1. Oh wow, these are awesome! Tempted to buy me some white cons and decorate them as well. Perhaps if I ship them to you? You’re artwork is far more rocking than mine! :)

      • Will definitely send over a link, I have not bought any cons in a while and may have to find a white pair soon!

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