Power Tool Races, Journalism, and Other Georgetown Curiosities

Some photos I snapped this past Saturday at the Georgetown Carnival. Despite some early clouds, the day was bright and warm.

Grey skies, sunny mobiles. I ended up seeing a couple similar pictures in my Instagram feed- I guess it was a good spot!

Treat time!

Excessorized to perfection.

Dinner at Katsu Burger. Nate and Gavin show off their terrifyingly large, panko-breaded burgers. I got a miso honey tofu with a heap of shredded cabbage, fries with sriracha dipping sauce (mouth-on-fire delicious!)

Three things I love: lawn flamingos, refreshments, and pizza puzzles!

The Fanta Menace, Larry and Bella’s lightning fast power tool racer.

Obviously, I was rooting for the Fanta Menace but this one was pretty cool too. Man, there were a LOT of amazing, creepy dolls there.

Stable sights.

Joe Sacco (left) talking about Journalism with my boss Gary. God, this was great!

42 thoughts on “Power Tool Races, Journalism, and Other Georgetown Curiosities

    • Eightball is an alternative comic by Daniel Clowes. There’s a big promo display at the back of the Fanta store which I always think is great. Neat! I’m glad there are so many awesome Georgetowns. :)

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