Weekend Reads

Spent Sunday evening curled up with the cat and a small stack of minis. Most were picked up at Stumptown Comics Fest but a couple were before that.

1. Neely Covers Comics to Give You the Creeps! by Tom Neely- What a treat! I’m so happy these covers are collected in this perfect book. I wish some were available as large prints.

2. Spectral Fields by Jennifer Parks- Dreamlike illustrations of constellation shadows, black-eyed creatures, and sharp-teethed ghosties. Lovely and spooky stuff.

3. Dog Walk Dog by Tom Van Deusen, Patrick Keck, and other talented cartoonists who like dogs. Best and scariest looking BBQ everrr.

4. Adult Babysitting by Maryanna Hoggatt- I like the illustrations on her blog and was lured over to her Stumptown booth by a fake booze display. The service industry isn’t always fun but these comics sure are. A fantastic debut.

5. Hero Land #2 by Esther Pearl Watson- (My last purchase at the now-closed Pilot Books…) Everything Esther Pearl Watson does is great. Here, superheroes do all the things you wish they’d do more often like take on an ‘evil, mutilated owl pellet’. Can’t wait to pick up #3 and 4. :)

6. Pony Tail Penis by lots of awesome people, published by Profanity Hill– The title tells you everything you need to know: Many drawings of people with penis pony tails! giggles.

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