Libraries and Totems

Sight seeing day:

Tossing a penny into the library fountain below. Wishes for the fishes.

Vancouver’s super cool library- a classy colosseum outfitted with skylights, books, and a bubble tea shop.

Space Invader office, yesss.

Off to Stanley Park!

Caught mid-sweep at Brockton Point

The Skedans mortuary pole (on the right) with moons and bears representing the chief’s hereditary crests. One of the bears has a figure in each ear for the chief’s daughter and her husband. I dunno, I think putting family in bear ears is sweet as heck.

We almost skipped the park, but I’m so glad we made time to check it out. I only wish we’d had an extra day to go deeper into the woodsy bits.

4 thoughts on “Libraries and Totems

    • Bummer! On the plus side, it seems like the rest of Bath is full of gorgeous old limestone and greenery. I’ve noticed the Pacific NW pours a LOT of money into their library system (which is great!)- the Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver libraries are all excellent.

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