Beach Bums

More photographs from our weekend in Vancouver:

There were a few herons in Stanley Park but we were awfully close to this one. Puffing up in annoyance at the tourists (like me), then relenting for pictures.

Barnacles on everything. It’s hard to walk around without slipping and crunching but I kinda love that.

Vancouver is very similar to Seattle in climate and landscape but the mountains seem colossal. Driving into the city, you’re greeted with a wall of mountain and walking around, they’re always in the background.

Making mini collections on the driftwood and watching a take off

Sunset around False Creek

Dean figures we walked over 20 miles which is more or less a miracle for two couch potatoes like us. We never felt uncomfortable though. There’s something energizing about being in an unfamiliar area without agenda. …Of course, when we had to walk to our bus home, we were suddenly exhausted.

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