The Wedding Thing: Invitations

Hooray! We’ve finished making our sweet, simple invitations. Printed, cut out, and popped in the mail (err, most of ’em!):

Dean and I are getting married in three months… twice! Our first wedding is in Upstate New York, our second is a couple days later in London. Most of our Seattle friends won’t be able to make it and while that’s definitely a bummer, we’re looking forward to seeing our far-away families. In the end, it made the most sense to bring the party to them- especially our Grandmas who don’t travel.

Apart from the ceremony at the beginning, our weddings are going to be open ended and no fuss (we aren’t even doing a gift registry). When you open the card, it’s plainly: dates, addresses, start time. Nice ‘n’ easy!

The pastel scraps of a hundred cut out hearts. Makes me hungry for conversation hearts and jordan almonds. Mmmmm..

We got our design for the RSVPs professionally printed and opted to do our invites at the local copy shop (old school xerox!). Then we stayed up reeeeally late cutting, folding, and silver lining. It was kind of like making a zine, but the type you can’t trade… :)

5 thoughts on “The Wedding Thing: Invitations

  1. They’re so cute! Sounds like the best way to do it – SIMPLY!! Weddings can get so ridiculous. I’m sure your Seattle friends will be glad to take you out for celebratory drinks before/after the main event!

    • Thanks so much, Eleni!! Yeah, I’m not a fancy wedding sort of person… though I secretly love photos of women in giant meringue style dresses.

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