The Wolf by Tom Neely

One of the first things I picked up at Stumptown:

After hearing nothing but good things, I finally checked out some of Tom Neely’s work. The Wolf is officially described as a “painted novel” and “simple love story,” which is the perfect way of putting it. Essentially, it’s a wordless story about a couple in love. But the style of it sort of knocks you off your feet. Pink demons with Mickey Mouse gloves crawl out of the gut, the colors of orgasm fill several pages, and the ghostly beauty of the woman stays constant amidst the chaos. I’m too goofy to carry any goth sensibilities of my own and I still found myself wrapped up in the darkness of this book.

I don’t think it’d do the book justice to post many panels but you can see more here.

2 thoughts on “The Wolf by Tom Neely

  1. Wow, that looks beautiful! We all have a tiny little goth inside of us, no matter how small. Mine only gets fed the occasional Cure song and a very rare viewing of The Craft probably once every couple of years, but she would be absolutely delighted with this! Not that she’d show any signs of delight, of course. That would not be cool for her.

    • I wouldn’t say emaciated, wolf-men and demons are usually my thing but these illustrations pack a punch. I loved the style and colors! And those are totally my indulgences too. There’s nothing better than black eyeliner and Cure on a moody dance floor.

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