M is for MacReady, N is for Nancy

What can I say about The Thing? It’s awesome in just about every way a horror movie can be and I really love Kurt Russell. There are some neat fan tributes in the style of Pingu and Pingu-esque Cats (spoilers!).

The Craft is still one of my favorite teen movies. It’s super fun and I have fond memories of slumber party seances with my fifth grade BFFs.

(You can check out the other alphabet cards here.)

7 thoughts on “M is for MacReady, N is for Nancy

  1. I love The Craft! One of my favourite films ever! So the fact that you’ve posted Nina and MacReady? Well aren’t you just my new favourite person ever?!? :)

    • The Craft is excellent and even though Nancy goes waaay dark, I couldn’t help but think her super goth style was the coolest! (I am always mixing up character names myself and this has been a good reminder that I should watch Being Human!) Love your blog, btw!

  2. Kurt Russell is soooo dreamy, I love him so much! I definitely have to watch Escape from LA tonight now! The bit where Nancy’s feet drag across the floor in The Craft gave me terrible nightmares as a kid! I love Fairuza xo

    • Omigod, I know! I swoon over his feathered locks and arctic boots. Escape from LA is soooo great! Why aren’t there more basketball death matches and Bruce Campbell plastic surgeons?

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