Neon Vancouver

These are my last photos from vacation, taken mostly on my phone while shuffling around Granville. I know neon signs are wasteful but I love the sight of a city lit up at night- my small town heart will never get over the gimmicks. It’s tacky to end happy vacation photos on a sad note […]

Libraries and Totems

Sight seeing day: Tossing a penny into the library fountain below. Wishes for the fishes. Vancouver’s super cool library- a classy colosseum outfitted with skylights, books, and a bubble tea shop. Space Invader office, yesss. Off to Stanley Park! Caught mid-sweep at Brockton Point The Skedans mortuary pole (on the right) with moons and bears […]

Beach Bums

More photographs from our weekend in Vancouver: There were a few herons in Stanley Park but we were awfully close to this one. Puffing up in annoyance at the tourists (like me), then relenting for pictures. Barnacles on everything. It’s hard to walk around without slipping and crunching but I kinda love that. Vancouver is […]

Eating out in Vancouver

This weekend, Dean and I took a trip up to Vancouver (our first time seeing Canada on the West Coast!). The thing I most look forward to on vacation is eating out and Vancouver did not disappoint. I recently broke up with two of my greatest loves, meat and cheese, and thankfully this was no […]

Blue Monday

Seattle’s indigo trees: Last month, over a dozen honey locusts were painted a vivid shade of blue for an exhibit by Konstantin Dimopoulos to raise awareness about deforestation (Kimopoulos has described trees as ‘the lungs of the world’ which I think is a crazy cool metaphor). I walk by this spot all the time but […]


Our little jaunt in Portland was fantastic. We drove down with friends and stayed at the sweetest waterfront apartment (airbnb!). Dean and I bought too many books, ate too much junk food, and enjoyed the sunny weekend with our friends. Here’s what we picked up at Stumptown Comics Fest. It was mini comic heaven. I […]