Happy Earth Day!

Taking photos of flowers is a funny thing. In real life they’re so beautiful, but, like sunsets, you just can’t capture all the awesomeness in a picture. It’s a shame because I take A LOT of flower and sunset photos. I just can’t resist pretty things… even though it’s everyday prettiness. I’ve posted Freeway Park photos before but I’m posting more. Seattle had dynamite weather this weekend, perfect for Earth Day.

I’m guessing most locals don’t share my affection for Freeway Park. As far as parks go it’s not suuuper remarkable and it’s popped up in the crime blotter more than a few times (yep, I have the SPD blotter in my reader. I am way paranoid!)- but I love this patch of greenery and all the gardens. It’s such a nice break from the ugly office buildings.

4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. I get what you’re saying about capturing the beauty of flowers. I visited the Butchardt gardens in B.C. last June and took almost a hundred photos and none of them quite captured the beauty of that day.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I do! hundreds of photos but none of them as vivid and captivating as the real thing. (My favorite days are the blindingly sunny ones- but the harsh light is never great for photos. Oh well!) I just looked up the Butchart gardens- they look amazing.

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