Demon Days

Yikes, April is flying by! I’m bummed I didn’t have a chance to do separate posts on all these great moments while they were fresh on my mind. Oh well. It’s been a funny, restless couple of weeks.

Emerald City Weekend:

I skipped Emerald City Comicon this year but caught up with friends at the Camille Rose Garcia signing (Roq la Rue) and the Fantagraphics Pinball after-party (Shorty’s). It was a surreal weekend with black light art, clowns, mini martinis, and lots of comics chit-chat. The player with the lowest pinball score won a super cool Jim Woodring backglass. Here’s a nifty FLOG post by Larry (the only time I will ever be called glamorous, haha!). My Sunday sunset was soundtracked by a busker playing Star Wars on the tuba.

Free Museum Day with SAM and Nate:

The Seattle Art Museum is free and open until midnight the first Thursday of the month. I love: the entrance with the suspended fireworks cars, the listening room (is this new? It’s great), the giant black rat over the blank dreamer, the old Italian knives and weapons. And the porcelain room, wow! In my wildest, rich-lady fantasies, I have my own porcelain room with all these opulent, 17th and 18th century pieces. Absolutely gorgeous. Afterwards we ordered tiny cakes at Dragonfish, Nate got the chocolate raspberry, I got the mango caramel.

Dean’s Birthday:

In contrast to my tacky, over-the-top birthday, Dean opted for a quiet celebration by the waterfront. We got up early before work and split a bag of fresh doughnuts from the market. We’d ordered a dozen mini doughnuts but the vendor snuck in closer to twenty! One doughnut, two doughnut, smooshed doughnut at the bottom of the bag! We ate them all, much to the disappointment of the hopeful seagulls.

6 thoughts on “Demon Days

    • I’m not sure if the record room qualifies as art in the same way more traditional pieces in the museum do, but it certainly adds a fun flavor. I’m a sucker for interactive spaces and love any room blasting Stevie Wonder! Also, the museum specialist in that area has the coolest job ever.

  1. Great pics:) I really like the mood youve captured in them!

    and here is my reply to your comment:
    Haha, I can`t understand why? ;) Well I can see how Google translator would have troble with my blog in general. I write in “nynorsk” witch is Norway`s second official language. It is very very similar, but more close to how some dialects are spoken, for instance mine;) (the official first language “bokmål” has a more formal sound to it)

    In this post I write about my love for language, words and expression. Its a bit philosophy I guess. with questions like “do we make our words and thoughts, or do they make us” and “is it when you find a phrase that can express your feelings, that you find out what you`re actually feeling?”

    If you`re interested in more like these thoughts I could translate the whole text;)

    • Thanks, Maria. Yes, sometimes I think I miss out on the full effect of your writing style because things are chopped up in translation (I think this every time I read a translated novel, even an expertly done one!). I’d love to read your translated thoughts but not if it’s a bother. Also, I didn’t know about the Norway’s different languages. Neat!! :)

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