Asleep on a Sunbeam

Dean and I are heading down to Stumptown Comics Fest with some friends this weekend. We can’t wait to see our Portland pals and geek out over new books/zines. …But we will miss our sweet kitty. His favorite napping spot is wherever the sun is.

Happy Earth Day!

Taking photos of flowers is a funny thing. In real life they’re so beautiful, but, like sunsets, you just can’t capture all the awesomeness in a picture. It’s a shame because I take A LOT of flower and sunset photos. I just can’t resist pretty things… even though it’s everyday prettiness. I’ve posted Freeway Park […]

Batman and the Outsiders

Ok, I know it’s not that funny (especially if you aren’t a giant nerd), but this made me laugh til I cried. I love it! “Get the punk princess! She looks harmless!” “I’m not into punk, gentleman… Punk is dead… I’m New-Wave!”