Deerhoof and of Montreal

I ended my week and a half of excess at the Showbox, sweating through my clothes on a spring-loaded dance floor.

After some cocktails in the civil 21+ area, we got down on the floor for Deerhoof’s incredible set. They have such a cool and unpredictable sound- lovelovelove! I only wish they could’ve played a few more songs. Their last song was ‘Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back’ which even had Dean grinning. (PS: Arabella and I caught a glimpse of lovely Satomi at the merch table when we first got to the venue but we were too shy to say ‘hello’.)

Of Montreal’s stage set-up melted my eyeballs. Psychedelic images were projected on white screens, balloons, white-winged creatures, and a bunch of other things to create a multi-layered spectacle of lights and colors (man, I wish I had a photo of the full effect!). I love listening to of Montreal whenever but I love them 10x more live. It’s super fun and dance-y and ridiculous but then that messed-up, blissed out feeling you get whirling around to ‘The Past is a Grotesque Animal’ is kind of indescribable.

An encore with hype-pigs, sequin faced shadows, devils, and big fabric boobs. Overwhelmed with happiness. And now, to catch up on sleep. Zzzzz

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