Pretty Party Wreckage

The next morning, there were dead glowstick hoops hanging from the ceiling light and stray Mickey Mouse sprinkles all over the table. The tin foil had started peeling off the walls. What a lucky life- full of shiny, pretty, tacky things. :)

Dean and I cut the ends of the balloons and laughed ourselves into bellyaches while they deflated. Schnitzel went mad trying to attack them.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Party Wreckage

  1. Happy birthday! It looks like you’re having a splendid week.

    I like this take on a party post: the aftermath, the relics, the souvenirs…as long as there’s no vomit or breakages, tidying up after a party is always bittersweet. As is birthday cake for breakfast :)

    • Thanksthanks! Yeah, it’s a bit sad to take 250 feet of crinkly tin foil to the recycling bin but kind of hilarious and wonderful too. Between house party cake and work party cake, I’ve been pigging out on sweet leftovers for three days!

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