Death Goes to the Disco

Today is the Spring Equinox and my 27th birthday! I spent all week celebrating with the usual suspects and threw a party Saturday night. There’s nothing I love more than decorating my apartment with nonsense and eating cake with friends. This time, Dean and I covered the living room with tin foil and put a toy shark in jello (our farcical homage to Damien Hirst). We also had 200 glow sticks so it was almost a rave but without drugs. Oooh, and we had a few friends in town from Portland and Vancouver- it was extra-nice they could come.

The best photo: Schnitzel staring down a pink sauropod. I’d misplaced my camera but luckily Trudi snapped this just in time!

Things there are no photos of: DEAN!, the triangle tinsel fringe, getting soused on Canadian beers and cake flavored vodka.

6 thoughts on “Death Goes to the Disco

    • Thanks! I actually made a three hour mix of (mostly) Britpop, but it was drowned out by conversation. Probably for the best since most of my friends are not fans but I made a mini mix on 8tracks for myself. :)

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