Mid-March Hedonism

This week I said, “Fuck it. This relentless cold rain can’t stop me from going out.” There’s just too much awesome going on to stay home. Celebratory drinks for a friend on Tuesday, pub trivia on Wednesday, coffee and dance night Thursday. I’ve had a few too many drinks this week and not enough sleep but I’ve been having the best time!

A few quick snapshots:

Dean and I celebrated our friend’s new job with happy hour shakes at Lunchbox Laboratory. Then I went back there the following night (a little sick, I know) for pub trivia. We won first place! It’s hard for me to resist their towering burgers and boozy shakes but for the sake of human decency I’m keeping my distance for awhile.

(This is actually a photo of last week ‘cos I don’t have time to pull last night’s shenanigans off my camera.)
Arabella and I have been going to Thursday dance night at the Lo-Fi since the beginning of the year. Sometimes we’re the only ones on the dance floor, other times it’s packed. Last night was it was full to the brim with cute girls in primary colored dresses. Yay! I was so happy a lot of friends made it out: Nate who’s stuck with lots of overtime, Eric who is always up to a million other things, Dave and Angela who I never see anymore. It’s like the stars aligned so we could all hang out and dance! Even Ian was able to drop in near the end- he was at a show next door.

Tonight I’m going to see The Raincoats (one of my favorite bands!). Tomorrow is my birthday party.

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