O is for Orfeu, P is for Pris

Back in college, one of my professors would screen a ‘must-see’ foreign film every Friday night. These movies blew my mind because I’d never seen anything like them (I grew up in a really small, rural town). So, I’d hang out in a half empty lecture hall with my dateless peers and watch these amazing movies for the first time. I loved every one, but I loved Black Orpheus most of all- it’s magic. As for Pris, well, you know. I just think she’s got killer style.

(You can check out R through Z here.)

4 thoughts on “O is for Orfeu, P is for Pris

  1. WOW, I’ve never heard of Black Orpheus, but the trailer makes the whole film look like a carnival: noisy, colourful, over-stimulating, and intimidating, in a slightly intoxicating way.

    What a cool teacher you had :)

    • He was way cool! He did the film series on his own time and dime- I’d never seen Kurosawa, Bergman, or Fellini movies before. Highly recommend Black Orpheus- the whole thing is wonderful and the soundtrack sublime!

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