The Grifters

Staying home this weekend to rest, clean, and round up donations for Goodwill (the latter takes an eternity as I am a supreme pack rat). Took a break to watch The Grifters and eat leftover delivery (vindaloooo!)

Lilly Dillon is a seasoned con artist, who curbs race track odds for the mob. Her son, Roy, is a not-so-great con artist who pulls small tricks for small change (and sometimes a baseball bat in the gut). Roy’s girlfriend, Myra, is another veteran grifter who tries to rope Roy in as her partner on long cons. You can tell it’s gonna end badly but Lilly’s desperation at the end is definitely a shocker. Disturbing and haunting.

I assume the modern confidence man is more subtle but I like to imagine they style themselves like these characters: checking into seedy motels, hiding money behind garish clown paintings, and wearing shoulder-duster earrings (I love this blend of class and trash!). Annette Benning is fantastic as giggly but scheming Myra. John Cusack is wonderful as Roy. He’s sooo young in this movie! It really makes his character seem extra vulnerable next to the two older, tougher ladies. Anjelica Houston is the show stealer as Lilly- she’s sublime. Even with big, blonde hair, she delivers gravitas and owns every scene she’s in.

5 thoughts on “The Grifters

    • Oooooh, I hope you like it! I really dug how the film is set in ‘present day’ 1990 though it’s based on a book from the ’60s. The way they kept the noir cool is pretty nifty.

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