March Wrap-Up

This month was like one blurry, drawn-out party. I definitely had a blast but now I feel like crawling into bed for eternity. Glad I instagram’ed the sunny, sober moments. Found another baby carrot for our freaky mobile, my Australian co-worker tried a s’more for the first time, ‘Coffee & TV‘ birthday cake, Earl Grey […]

Deerhoof and of Montreal

I ended my week and a half of excess at the Showbox, sweating through my clothes on a spring-loaded dance floor. After some cocktails in the civil 21+ area, we got down on the floor for Deerhoof’s incredible set. They have such a cool and unpredictable sound- lovelovelove! I only wish they could’ve played a […]

The Raincoats

Anne Wood, Ana da Silva, and Gina Birch… a couple Saturdays ago. Eric was nice enough to snap a photo from his much higher height. Even with the guy behind us passing out and getting carted away, this show felt kind of like an intimate party. Very warm and jokey. The loudest cheers to the […]

Pretty Party Wreckage

The next morning, there were dead glowstick hoops hanging from the ceiling light and stray Mickey Mouse sprinkles all over the table. The tin foil had started peeling off the walls. What a lucky life- full of shiny, pretty, tacky things. :) Dean and I cut the ends of the balloons and laughed ourselves into […]

Death Goes to the Disco

Today is the Spring Equinox and my 27th birthday! I spent all week celebrating with the usual suspects and threw a party Saturday night. There’s nothing I love more than decorating my apartment with nonsense and eating cake with friends. This time, Dean and I covered the living room with tin foil and put a […]

Mid-March Hedonism

This week I said, “Fuck it. This relentless cold rain can’t stop me from going out.” There’s just too much awesome going on to stay home. Celebratory drinks for a friend on Tuesday, pub trivia on Wednesday, coffee and dance night Thursday. I’ve had a few too many drinks this week and not enough sleep […]

Hot Coffee and Mr Shivers

A fail-safe cure for end-of-the-weekend blues… Coffee at Oddfellows Cafe and… The biggest, most ridiculous, and awesome magnet I’ve EVER seen. Here’s Nate displaying its jumbo size! Oh, Archie McPhee… I went in with the intention of picking up a party supply or two but I left with an armful of insanity.

Blogging about the News

I no longer mention news stories on here. They’re still on my mind (my Google Reader is forever flooded with news feeds- my morbid, nightmare crack), but I couldn’t strike a balance between ‘the big issues’ and my fluffier conceits. It was too awkward to look back at happy, photo-album memories then link to stories […]

The Grifters

Staying home this weekend to rest, clean, and round up donations for Goodwill (the latter takes an eternity as I am a supreme pack rat). Took a break to watch The Grifters and eat leftover delivery (vindaloooo!) Lilly Dillon is a seasoned con artist, who curbs race track odds for the mob. Her son, Roy, […]